Farewell Amor (Working Title)

After 17 years of separation following the Angolan war, Walter’s wife Esther, and daughter Sylvia are finally granted visas to join him in the US. They quickly discover that the years of separation and struggle have turned them into absolute strangers: Esther has become a religious zealot and Walter is ashamed to admit that he doesn’t feel the same fire for her. Sylvia, whom he left when she was months old, is too dutiful and obedient to openly show the pain and confusion that she feels from the perceived abandonment of both her parents. Yet she is still in awe of this almost mythical figure that she’s been waiting all her life to meet. As Walter tries to reconnect to both, he is reluctant to release Linda, the lover he’s known for his past few years in exile. Instead, he tries to convince her to remain a part of his life, but she’s no longer willing to mark time or play second fiddle to his charade of a “normal family life.” As they all attempt to overcome the personal and political hurdles amongst them, they each rely on dance to remember themselves, and to find their way back to each other.

Soko Sonko (The Market King)

Short Film 2014 Writer/Director/Producer: Ekwa Msangi DP: Andrew “Dru” Mungai When her mother falls sick, Kibibi’s father, Ed, is tasked with taking her to the market to get her hair braided before school begins. Soko Sonko is a hilarious, fish‐out of‐water roller‐coaster of a journey, about a well‐intended dad who braves the fires and goes […]

All My Friends Are Married

Web series 2014 Director/Producer: Ekwa Msangi All My Friends Are Married is a quirky comedic webseries with a blend of dry and physical humor. It highlights the joys, mistakes, hopes and pitfalls of being single & living in New York City. With tenderness, joy and irony we present the story of a women struggling to […]


Parody Music Video 2012 Rapper: Nii Addy feat. Fritswa Bafour Director: Ekwa Msangi Parody Video for the Stern Business School Follies. Shot on the Sony 100 in New York City. YouTube

Simply Lovely

Music Video 2012 Songstress: Karla Mosley Director: Ekwa Msangi-Omari Official Music Video for actress/songstress Karla Mosley’s first single, “Simply Lovely”. Shot on the Sony 100 in White Plains, NY. YouTube


2011 Writer/Director/Producer: Ekwa Msangi-Omari DP: Milton Kam Set against the backdrop of the start of the devastating post-election violence that took place in Kenya in 2007/2008 and has left tens of thousands of Kenyans homeless, traumatized or dead, Taharuki (Suspense) is the fictional account of a man and woman from opposing ethnic tribes who’re working […]

The Agency

2009 Created/Directed by: Ekwa Msangi DP: Nick Oloo Set in the fast-paced, demanding world of advertising, featuring a stellar cast including veteran star David Mulwa and rising star Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, The Agency is must-see local drama, filmed in Nairobi. M-Net’s first ever drama series created in Kenya, it is an explosive 13-part series directed by […]

Behind the Scenes

2009 Directed by: Ekwa Msangi DP: Sammy Maina A 25-min television magazine pilot episode which puts a spotlight on the crews and casts behind some of Kenya’s hottest television shows. Created as a pitch for Kenya network programmers, currently in circulation. Watch Pilot Episode 


2009 Directed by: Ekwa Msangi DP: Eric Ndung’u An original series centered on the dramatic and often comical relationships between a colorful group of tenants in an apartment building in Nairobi’s Kalifonia estate. The show is a satirical take on their often melodramatic interactions, providing an inside look into the development of community, where strangers […]

Higher Learning

Promo Pitch 2009 Directed by: Ekwa Msangi DP: Nick Oloo A pitch created for sponsors of a new 25min television series based in a fictional Kenyan University. The show was commissioned by NTV Kenya, Produced by Spielworks Media, aired country-wide on NTV starting April 16, 2010. Watch “Higher Learning” Promo