It Will Come Indeed!

Happy New Year peeps! I know, its already the end of the month, but it usually takes me a while to catch up to January so…there you have it! Been toiling away and super thankful that I can work mostly from home ‘coz this winter snow situation is officially out of control! But before I […]

Heavy Hearted Holidays…

The train at my stop was messed up today ‘coz someone committed suicide by jumping onto the tracks. That shit sucks. And while I don’t support taking one’s own life, I definitely feel that end of year pressure. Nevermind that its about to snow and bluster like it did in Lord of the Rings when […]

Behind the Scenes on “Suspense”

Shooting date: November 6 & 7, 2010 Cast: Miriam Chemmoss (Waridi), Gilbert Owuor (Kevin), Chris Kamau (Intruder) Crew: Ekwa Msangi-Omari (Dir), Kia Barbee (Producer), Inna Braude (Consulting Producer), Milton Kam (Dir of Photography), Ela Thier (AD) Behind the Scenes Photos by: Elizabeth Strong

Ah! The Power of Media…

So this little gem has been going around the internet and I had the pleasure of checking it out today, and really, what can one say? With youtube these days its hard to tell how much of this is sincere and how much is staged but regardless, this is what I appreciate about this young […]