The Cubana Chronicles: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

 Art, Energy and Loans. Loving Common right now, who knew I was missing out so much? But all in its time. I listened to Common’s song “Assatta” and felt so fortunate and inspired seeing as she lives here. I need to figure out how to meet her, I’d love love love to. How does one […]

The Cubana Chronicles: Friday February 17, 2012

How Can I Be Down? Practicing my photoshop skills today while listening to Common and waiting for my weekly NYU call. So I’ll go ahead and admit it – I’ve never owned an album by Common before yesterday. This Cuban brother Amehel hooked me up with about 500 albums yesterday, lots of US hip-hop, some […]

The Cubana Chronicles: Sunday February 5, 2012

 Oh God of All Creation So its taken me a while to finally “land” here. I feel like I’ve been looking at Cuba and my experience here as though I were watching fish swimming around in a tank, explaining to the tourists how the fish act and react to things and pointing out what’s interesting […]

The Cubana Chronicles: Sunday January 29, 2012 9:36pm

The Amazing Floats of Bejucal     It’s been exactly a week since we arrived. Feeling pretty settled in, but still need to get my own groove on. I’m sure this week will be different since the work actually starts now. Need to practice my Spanish more, like the verbs and such. Started reading “Dirty […]

The Cubana Chronicles: Thursday Jan 26th, 2012

 Living as a Cuban Such an ungodly hour to be awake but I wanted to be up early to make sure I did some journaling today. Had big plans to go to a jazz show last night but woke up with the worst raging headache one could ever imagine so that didn’t happen at all. […]

The Cubana Chronicles: Sunday January 22, 2012

Si Cuba! Cuba! What a long day, and yet I can feel the enthusiasm peeping out bit by bit. Fighting a cold for real…or maybe I’m losing the fight and need to surrender and just have a cold already? That’s pretty much the case right now. So I’m living at Casa Vera in Vedado…beautiful colonial […]

Si Cuba Si!

3 glorious months in Cuba, can’t wait to tell you all about it… Click here to see my pictures…

West Indian Day Parade 2011

Once again, my all time favorite parade in New York! Where everyone is free to be and feel exactly who they were born to be…stretch marks, love handles, thick thighs and all! Fabulous music, food, colors, culture and people…wine an bend ovah!

Mediocre…as Compared to What?

So the other day I had a heated debate with a chap who thought that a certain African film that I adore was “crap” because it had “no depth” and was thus “mediocre” and not worth supporting. He said he was opposed to supporting an African film just for the fact that it’s African, proclaiming […]