So Iwas in Berlin for 10 days attending the Babylon International 2011 Script Development Workshop and what a trip that was! My first time in Europe (airport transits not included!) and certainly my first in a country where i ABSOLUTELY don’t speak the language, and don’t resemble ANY of the natives in the least! That […]

Si Cuba!

For whatever reason I never cease to be amazed by how familiar Cuban folkloric dance is. I’m fairly sure I was a Cuban musician in a past life, its the only explanation that makes sense. I mean, I know about the slaves who were brought over and preserved the music and dance and made it […]

Restless in Brooklyn…

April is always such a hectic month in New York with all the big film festivals and networking parties. Who knew networking is so much work?! Aside from all the meeting and greeting, then you have to take cards, follow up, come up with witty and memorable things to say…eish! Anyway, May is the start […]

It Will Come Indeed!

Happy New Year peeps! I know, its already the end of the month, but it usually takes me a while to catch up to January so…there you have it! Been toiling away and super thankful that I can work mostly from home ‘coz this winter snow situation is officially out of control! But before I […]