Heavy Hearted Holidays…

The train at my stop was messed up today ‘coz someone committed suicide by jumping onto the tracks. That shit sucks. And while I don’t support taking one’s own life, I definitely feel that end of year pressure. Nevermind that its about to snow and bluster like it did in Lord of the Rings when […]

Ah! The Power of Media…

So this little gem has been going around the internet and I had the pleasure of checking it out today, and really, what can one say? With youtube these days its hard to tell how much of this is sincere and how much is staged but regardless, this is what I appreciate about this young […]

Why? ‘Coz the Africans Aren’t Generic in this Movie!

Dear Comrades, What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been! Putting together all the intricate details and bringing an entire film production together is no joke! (Much less of a joke when calling in so many favors!) Thank you all for the wonderful support, contributions and enthusiasm you’ve given so far. Every ounce is […]

What Do Africans Think About Africa/ns?

Dear Comrades, As you know, I’ve spent the past three weeks preparing and raising money to shoot a short film, Suspense.  What started out as “my little film exercise” has quickly morphed into something a lot larger – and we haven’t even shot the film yet! I’m both honored and humbled by the overwhelming outpour […]


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support, word-spreading and contributions  that you’ve sent so far, we’re definitely feeling (and appreciating) the love! This week as energy was sagging just a little bit, one of my actors shared their experience of being here in the US and watching the PEV (Post Election Violence) […]


Dear Comrades, Thank you for all the contributions, support and encouragements thus far! We’re working hard getting ready for the shoot, just hired a fabulous make-up artist with lots of experience creating blood and gore (woohoo!) and continuing with the outreach to get people excited about the film! As I was working on [yet another!] […]

African-American films turning Nigerian?

Recently a friend sent me this link to an African-American movie trailer and was lamenting at how god-awful the film seemed. I clicked on the link with lowered expectations, but was surprised to find that really all it was was a Nigerian-style movie with higher production value, American accents, and without the juju! I’m not […]

Beware of the Sade!!

The day started off being super-shitty with a pinch of “punch you in the gut” today and I did the worst thing possible: put on some Sade. Now, I actually know better than that. This has happened to me before. It usually starts out with good intentions, and before you know it you’re rummaging under […]

What if: Obama was a Muslim!!!

I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand what all the hype is about. Seriously, the way people say that shit, you’d think he was a child-molestor and people needed to beware and keep their kids from sleeping over at the White House or something. I mean, how bad could it be, even […]