Self Care in a Time of Madness…

  So Charlottesville and the KKK. And Barcelona. And any number of non-Western countries going through all sorts of political shit and bigotry right now. And eclipses. And capitalism. Just all of it. It’s beyond exhausting. I’ve never dreaded logging onto social media as much as I do now. I saw a series of tweets […]

Diet Racism?!

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos For those of us who are in denial of racism existing outside of the Confederate South or anywhere else for that matter…I give you Racism Lite! (Disclaimer, racism is racism. There is no such thing as “better” racism or “more acceptable” racism. The Yankee North is just as racist as the […]

The Closing Ceremony

The word “Spectacle” was made for this reason: in order to describe the closing ceremony. Growing up in Kenya, the only time there would be this level of pomp and circumstance is in celebration of political heroes during a national holiday where the president is going to show up. But for a group of artists? […]

March 1, 2013

It’s hard to explain where all the time has gone or what it’s been like here. It’s such a dusty little town with the most amazing architecture and buildings and movie theatres and all this…its really quite incredible. It’s as though there isn’t anything new in the entire town…I wonder if Cuba will be like […]

Burkina Oui! (Feb. 23rd, 2013)

What an amazing place this is! Its hard to put into words what this experience is like but I’ll try where I can and leave out what I can’t. Listen, I know there’s plenty of corruption, I know most of the money isn’t being spent in the way that it should be and that there […]

Bullshit Mountain and its Trickle-down…

Okay so I’m actually beginning to get scared now with these people. At first laughing at their ridiculousness was almost cute. Now? Not so much. Do these people have NO females living around them at all? You want to tell me they come out, say dumb shit like “God might have intended you to get […]

The Cubana Chronicles: Wednesday April 11, 2012

 Dancing for Life I’m on a mission tonight: I’m going dancing no matter what. This whole week really. Until I leave, I MUST dance my ass off. There’s something so incredibly liberating about giving in to the move and the beat. About allowing yourself to let go and just be. I love that. Its magical […]

The Cubana Chronicles: Monday April 2, 2012

 A Living Religion (The Reluctant Blogger Returns!)          Alright listen, I’m not a dedicated blogger, I just like talking sometimes. And then sometimes its too much work. That’s what happened in the past month and change, too much work. And too much thinking about the work involved in saying something here. *shrug* […]