Farewell Amor

Feature Film 2020 Writer/Director/Producer Ekwa Msangi DP: Bruce Francis Cole After 17 years in exile, Walter finally reunites with his wife and daughter and they quickly discover how the years of separation have turned them into absolute strangers. As they attempt to overcome the personal and political hurdles amongst them, they rely on the muscle […]

African CInema NOW!

Podcast 2017 Writer/Director/Producer Ekwa Msangi Half hour episodes in conversation with African film artists discussing their work, inspiration, and everything between the pen and the screen. Listen to us on Soundcloud

First there was Sarafina!, and now The Queen of Katwe

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to have grown up NEVER seeing your own image in a movie or TV show except in crisis on the news. I know people talk about that a lot, especially in this age of pushback on the lack of diversity and representation in film and TV, but seriously. Never. […]

Not-for-Profit African Filmmaking

I’ve never considered how deeply steeped in Western culture screenwriting is until I had to teach it in Swahili. Seriously yo, by the end of the day my brain is thoroughly fried trying to find ways to explain “the inciting incident” and “character patterns” and goodness knows what else that just doesn’t have an easy translation. […]

Congo Update:

So just to let you know that I was wrong about everything. Every last thing on my list ala #New Year, New You. Everything except the lack of enough veggies…though it’s not as bad as I imagined. Oh and also I’m fighting a cold but not due to over-ACing. Also, I’m having technical difficulties with […]

Casablanca/In the Moment

Talk about blowing my mind! What a beautiful and quaint city that was.  I had a 12 hour layover on my way to Brazzaville, so my colleague and I decided to get a cab and go see the city a little. We didn’t see very much, but it was perfect for a quick trip. A […]

Viva Riva!

So Friday night was the New York premiere of the highly acclaimed, highly anticipated, and award-winning Congolese film “Viva Riva!” by Djo Tunda wa Munga, and boy what a treat that was! Alright, I’ll get right to the point: this film was violent and SEXY! And as exciting as that was (it was so awesome […]