First there was Sarafina!, and now The Queen of Katwe

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to have grown up NEVER seeing your own image in a movie or TV show except in crisis on the news. I know people talk about that a lot, especially in this age of pushback on the lack of diversity and representation in film and TV, but seriously. Never. […]

Not-for-Profit African Filmmaking

I’ve never considered how deeply steeped in Western culture screenwriting is until I had to teach it in Swahili. Seriously yo, by the end of the day my brain is thoroughly fried trying to find ways to explain “the inciting incident” and “character patterns” and goodness knows what else that just doesn’t have an easy translation. […]

Mediocre…as Compared to What?

So the other day I had a heated debate with a chap who thought that a certain African film that I adore was “crap” because it had “no depth” and was thus “mediocre” and not worth supporting. He said he was opposed to supporting an African film just for the fact that it’s African, proclaiming […]